Volume 13: Just $5


August 26th \\ The Warehouse Theatre \\ 20:20 (that’s 8:20 PM)

Doors open at 7:30.


Pecha Kucha Night in Greenville is where you can come and learn about just about anything – 6 minutes and 40 seconds at a time. Seriously. Art. Medicine. Food. Graphics. Architecture. Anything under the sun.


Each presenter is allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds each – giving 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter is up. This keeps presentations concise, the interest level up, and gives more people the chance to show.


Send us your big idea, your presentation (PPT or PDF) and a brief bio to: entries@pkngreenville.com


August 22nd, 2014


They are just 5 little ol’ dollars, which is money that goes towards the future events. Fill out the following info and you can pay and pick up your tickets at the door the night of the event. No more than 2 tickets per request.



Aaron Bowman - PKN Greenville, Volume 5

Aaron Bowman tells us why Bruce Wayne would have made a great architect.

Melissa Threat & Brad Benjamin - PKN5

Brad Benjamin and Melissa Threat present on Architecture in Humanity and it's positive affects on the world.

Barry Witherspoon - PKN Greenville - Volume 5

Barry Witherspoon shares his experiences from around the world and how it relates to the competitive, world-wide, architecture environment.


Catherine Smith - PKN Greenville, Volume 5

Have you ever been to New Orleans? Have you ever been there to restore a historic building in the French Quarter? Catherine has. Here is her story.

Matthew Santilli - Pecha Kucha Greenville, Volume 5

Quite possibly one of the best PKN presentations we've had in the 5 Volumes. Matthew, not only drew each of his slides, but he also confessed a deep dark secret in front of many of his colleagues.

Moody Black - PKN Greenville 4

Moody Black. Poet. Writer. Organizer. Inspiration. Listen and enjoy this slam during Pecha Kucha - Greenville, Vol. 4

Palestine Revisited

Come see and hear more about Palestine in this presentation from Pecha Kucha - Greenville, Volume 4.

Hampton Stall - PKN Greenville, Volume 4

Have you ever met a hipster? Do you know what a hipster is? Are YOU a hipster? Check out Hampton's take on the history of hipsters and how they have made their impact on our culture. But, beware...the results may be frightening.

Andrea Deyrup - PKN - Greenville, Vol. 4

Imagine if someone were to create a network of physicians and hospitals where data could be shared to help develop cures for disease and pain. Imagine how that could change our world for the better. Dr. Andrea Deyrup has an idea how this could happen.

Kirbie Crowe - PKN - Greenville, Volume 4

What is art appreciation? What does it mean? Kirbie can give you some clues.

Neil Shurley

Do you have an image in your head of what "wisdom" is? Well, Neil does. And, he'll show you. Just after he beams down from The Starship Enterprise...

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